Feeding companion birds really, really well!
The freshest packaged exotic bird food on the market bar none. We make your bird's food as close to fresh as possible so you don't have to.

Pre-Sprouted, ready to eat!

Who, but Origins Wild Diet - The BEST Bird Food would think of pre-sprouting your bird's seed mix for you? We believe in feeding seed, BUT we believe feeding seed in its "living" form! 

All of our mixes have been pre-sprouted using our proprietary "Super-Charged Sprouts™" sprouting method (no chemicals or manures used in this process), triple rinsed in 3% H2O2 to ensure they are free of bacteria and fungus, then triple-rinsed again with filtered, high alkaline water. We then gently dehydrated at or below 105 degrees F. Now you can feed your bird a Snack-elicious! seed mix with confidence knowing you are not feeding dead, dried out seed. The seed has been sprouted to just the right size of "tail" to ensure maximum nutrition. Legumes have been properly soaked and sprouted to reduce/remove phytates and activate the digestive enzyme known as "amylase". Amylase aids in the break down of starches for total digestion and metabolism. If the mix includes almonds they are raw, soaked (awakened) and gently dehydrated. Our seed mixes have been carefully formulated to contain seeds, legumes and nuts specific for large, medium, small and tiny birds! 

Some amount of fruit and/or veggies have been added as species-specific ingredients. 

Feed as a treat. Not intended as a complete daily diet. No need to refrigerate. Dehydrated items last about one year from the date of purchase.

NOTE: We also include sprouted milk thistle to ensure a healthy liver!

All ingredients are produced using no GMOs, no chemical fertilizers, no artificial preservatives and no sulfites! No artificial flavorings added!

All mixes, except the Microgreen and Grain mixes, are sold in 1# packages only. Packaged in light and air resistant packages with zip-lock closure. 

Microgreen mix is sold in 2oz packages. Microgreen seed is very expensive and can be difficult to sprout.