Feather Destroyer's OWD Dirty Birdie Detox™ - Step 1

Our feather destroyer's program is in-depth and requires dedicated commitment. We require that you bird progress through our program as intentionally designed; 6-8 weeks on Dirty Birdie Detox and then progressing to Better Feathers, the 2nd part of the program. The instruction manual contains vital information regarding this program and must be read carefully to fully understand the program and the goals of the program.

Dirty Birdie is Step 1/Phase 1 of our feather destroying program known as "The Mutilation Syndrome Program." A minimum of 6 pounds of Dirty Birdie Detox MUST be fed to any, one bird BEFORE progressing to the 2nd Phase of the program known as "Better Feathers." Your bird needs to remain on Dirty Birdie for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks; longer if your bird has been consuming a poor diet for many years. (3 to 4 pounds should last most birds about 6 to 8 weeks)

Your first purchase of this food must include the Instruction Manual. It is required reading for those treating feather destroyers. When placing your first order for Dirty Birdie Detox you must purchase the 3#PlusManual option. You will receive 6#s of the Dirty Birdie Detox, the instruction manual for the feather destroyer's program and a FREE copy of my basic avian nutrition book "You Can't Take the Rainforest Out of the Bird." This is a $145.94 value for only $110.95.

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Free Book: When you choose the 6 pounds w/instruction manual at regular price option you will receive Machelle's avian nutrition book, "You Can't Take the Rainforest Out of the Bird" free!

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Dirty Birdie OWD Ingredients:

All of our Origins Wild Diet™ foods are now made with our Supercharged Sprouts™ -
This is our very own proprietary method of sprouting our seeds, legumes, and grains that increase the trace minerals, amino acids and certain vitamins all by using naturally occurring, earth-derived sources of these elements! No synthetics, no chemicals, no GMOs, no manures nothing artificial are used in our proprietary process. *All of our OWD daily diets now include digestive enzymes over and above naturally occurring digestive enzymes in our species-specific formulated diets! 

We use absolutely no GMOs, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no gluten, no cheap fillers, no dyes or food colorings, no artificial preservatives, no synthetic vitamins, all ingredients are wholesome and pure.† Our foods are not extruded or placed under high pressure using heat rendering the digestive enzymes inactive and eliminating or reducing the bio-availability or efficacy of vitamins. Our foods are gently dehydrated leaving all natural digestive enzymes intact and alive and all naturally-occurring vitamins as close to their natural state as possible.

Our BirD-elicious!™ Origins Wild Diet!™ species-specific bird foods are fully endorsed and used by Jeannie Thomason, Doctor of Veterinary Naturopathy.  Dr. Thomason is the Co-Founder of American Council of Animal Naturopathy and the Co-Producer of Animal Talk Naturally radio show. She is also an adjunct professor at Kingdom College of Natural Health.

As stated on our package label: 

All ingredients are human grade (except where indicated by ***) produced in a sustainable manner without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other harsh chemicals. ( *Indicates a conventionally grown ingredient; **Indicates ingredient that is "Wild-grown, Wild-harvested/derived from the earth or "Wild-crafted; ***FDA does not recognize the ingredient as "human-grade") +All powders are ensured to be free of any and all preservatives. For a list of our reliable organic suppliers go here: Suppliers.

Purpose of this Exclusive Detoxing Food: 

You will notice there are not many ingredients in this food, however, the guaranteed analysis indicates high and balanced nutrition. 

This food is intended to help the overall digestive system of your bird thoroughly detox from and all foods that may have contributed to "avian leaky gut syndrome" and the symptoms that follow. 

To detox, any living creature must eliminate many foods before replenishing the unhealthy gut flora with new, healthy gut flora. We have learned through our clinical tests that many feather destroyers/mutilators have extreme unhealthy gut flora due to never receiving their parents' crop food, being hand-raised on highly processed foods, transitioned to high-heat processed foods as an adolescent and/or receiving any pharmaceuticals, especially anti-biotics when they might become ill. It is for this reason that a bird MUST go through deep detox to begin anew. 

Neurotransmitters of the brain begin developing in the digestive tract nourished by the gut flora in the tract. If the gut flora is unhealthy, and/or leaky gut is taking place it only stands to reason that the neurotransmitters will be unhealthy causing the bird to think and act incorrectly. 

Our purpose is to flush bad gut flora and then regenerate and replenish with healthy gut flora. We believe our company to be the first to understand the Mutilation Syndrome in exotic birds well enough to develop an entire program to help a bird return to a somewhat new and healthy homeostasis. 

This program first and foremost is designed to reduce or eliminate feather destruction; secondly to help your bird grow feathers. Some birds will never grow in new feathers due to permanent follicle damage. However, we have witnessed that birds who have been on this program for over 2 to 6 years may, indeed begin growing feathers where they have been bald for many, many years!

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