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SeeD-eLicious!™ Microgreen Mix : Pre-Sprouted & Fermented 2oz

Microgreens are wonderful and safe way to get "veggies" into your bird's diet.

This mix can be fed to any species.

While botanically classified vegetables contain too much tightly-woven-in insoluble cellulose for a parrot's digestive tract to fully digest, absorb and metabolize, young, baby greens are a wonderful way to introduce power-packed nutrition containing hemi-cellulose fiber that is soluble and easy to digest for parrots. 

Our Micro-green mix is not grown to "baby shoots," but they are barely sprouted and fermented to unlock all of the great nutrition micro-greens have to offer!

Ingredients may change due to seasonal availability, but will normally include:


  • Organic, sprouted Basil
  • Organic, sprouted Broccoli seed
  • Organic, sprouted Arugula seed
  • Organic, sprouted Red Cabbage seed
  • Organic, sprouted Bok Choy
  • Organic, sprouted Green Kale
  • Organic, sprouted Red Swiss Chard
  • Organic, sprouted Milk Thistle seed
  • Organic, sprouted Chia seed

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