Feeding companion birds really, really well!
The freshest packaged exotic bird food on the market bar none. We make your bird's food as close to fresh as possible so you don't have to.


The Bullseye™

The Bullseye has already been "bird-approved" for beak-appeal and hours of fun!

Strung on a stainless steel chain and ship-equipped with a stainless steel quick link this birdie toy is made of all natural, shreddable products similar to what our wild-at-heart companions would find in their indigenous regions. 

Maize leaf covers shreddable grasses woven together to form the ring, a ball made of natural items like sea grass and topped with a vegetable-tanned leather piece makes for curiosity-inspiring fun! 

All of the species of birds in our Providence Exotic Bird Sanctuary love this foraging toy! 

Measures apprx. 10"L x 7"W including chain and quick link.

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