Policy Updates

Auto Ship Policies Effective Immediately

For those of you who are enrolled in our Auto Ship / Auto Pay program (does not apply to treats, snacks, single fruits, single seeds, single legumes, single nuts, single herbs, etc) our policies have changed.

In the past you could simply email me and change the number of pounds of food for any given month at the time of invoicing, as long as you did so before you paid your online invoice. Not so any longer.

The demand for our OWD foods is becoming increasingly difficult to fulfill as more and more bird-lovers decide to "feed their flocks really, really well" using our highly nutritious and pure species-specific convenience daily diet food. As a result, we are becoming too busy to add-on any given number of pounds to anyone’s monthly Auto Ship invoice at the drop of a hat. We can remove, but we can no longer add-on unless we receive one month’s advance notice.

Please, please be sure to email us at least one month in advance of your next Auto Ship invoice to add-on any amount of OWD daily diets: African Grey, Cockatiel, Cockatoo, Eclectus, Macaw, Birdie Brittle and/or Better Feathers.

How Our Business Works

We are a small, husband and wife team who owns, manages and operates BirD-elicious! Origins Wild Diets. We have no other employees or volunteers to help us. Part of the reason for doing all of the work ourselves is because there is not enough profit in this business to pay any employees (hiring employees would drastically increase the cost of your bird’s food), the other reason is to ensure your bird’s food is made by our own hands and quality controlled by us, no one else.

George will soon be going full time with our business, ending any kind of part time job outside of our business. This will allow increased production of all foods. It is only after George begins working full time for our business that we may be able to begin offering single packages of OWD on our website without registering for Auto Ship / Auto Pay. For now, this method and policy is all we can offer to ensure we are able to produce enough food for all who are willing to subscribe to Auto Ship.

Knowing how much of each variety of food to produce to cover all orders aids in our ability to plan our production schedule and cover all orders. Auto Ship / Auto Pay ensures that all orders are accounted for to plan our production schedule and ensures those who sign up that they will, indeed receive our OWDs for their flocks.

However, requesting that additional poundage of any variety of OWD to your monthly Auto Ship must be planned at least one month in advance. Since we cannot possibly know how much food your flock needs each and every month, that part is your responsibility as it is your responsibility to plan and notify us one month in advance if you need to increase your order of any OWD variety of foods.

Policies such as our business is managed by are in place due to the "niche" nature of producing handmade, artisan raw foods in a small batch-by-batch production method. Producing your flock's food in this manner ensures your bird is receiving the BEST bird food on the market!

Dietary Consultations

​I have been offering all of my dietary consultations free of charge. I no longer have the time to consult. I am not offering consultations for pay at this time; I am just way too busy. However, if any one customer contacts me on regular basis for nutritional consults, asking one question and then other on a frequent basis, I will send a Paypal invoice for payment for my services. I can answer one or two short questions, but if the questions/answers continue over a period of time be advised you will receive a bill for my time and expertise. Please read my nutritional articles at: http://exoticbirdclubonline.com/blogs. Almost any nutritional question you may have is probably already answered, or soon to be via my blogs. If you have a specific topic you would like me to address, please feel free to email me at Machelle@TheBestBirdFood.com to make your request. I will do my best to research and write about the topic you requested information about as soon as I have time.

For even more in depth nutritional information join ExoticBirdClubOnline.com (EBCO)at: http://exoticbirdclubonline.com/registration-3. Once you become a member you can also gain access to our UN-Workshops for my most updated and in depth nutritional information. Join our UN-Workshops here: http://exoticbirdclubonline.com/un-workshopstm-empowering-you after you have registered as a member of EBCO.


Bullet Points:

  • Register for Auto Ship / Auto Pay if you desire to purchase any of our OWD daily diets on a regular basis. This will save you money. Here is the link to perform that task: http://www.thebestbirdfood.com/auto-ship-auto-pay-page
  • Email me at Machelle@TheBestBirdFood.com after you have registered for Auto Ship / Auto pay and tell me what variety of OWD foods you want and how often you want it shipped. (Monthly, every other month, every 3 months, every 6 months, etc.)
  • Understand that any NEW Auto plans will begin ONE MONTH AFTER registration.
  • Once you receive your invoice, OPEN IT and make sure all of the information on the invoice is correct. If we do not hear from you we will assume all info, including shipping address is correct and proceed to process your order after you make payment.
  • Pay your Paypal invoice with Paypal or a credit or debit card within 4 days of receipt of invoice.
  • Understand that your shipment will normally occur within 7-14 days AFTER we receive your payment.
  • Notify me of any changes you wish to make at least ONE MONTH before you are to receive your next Auto Ship invoice. (Any requests made in a shorter amount of time will not be added to your current invoice; those changes will be made to your next month’s invoice.)
  • If you are buying in Bulk (the purchase of any OWD of 10 pounds or more), understand your Bulk order MUST be paid by check or money order if you wish to avoid paying Paypal fees. If you pay your Bulk invoice online with Paypal or a Credit or Debit card you will be billed payment processing fees. Your order will not ship until those fees are paid.
  • All Bulk orders require at least 6-8 weeks after we receive your payment before shipping. Sometimes, depending on the volume of orders we are currently processing your bulk order may require as long as 10-14 weeks before shipment after we receive your payment.
  • I am no longer offering nutritional consultations, or strings of questions free of charge. (Again, I encourage you to sign up for our EBCO blog and UN-Workshops) Booking a nutritional consultation with me is not currently an option due to the demands on my time. If I agree with anyone to provide a nutritional consultation my fees are $125.00 for one, in depth consultation via email. Consultations are available via email ONLY, no exceptions. Additional emails pertaining to that consultation are $10.00 PER EMAIL. All consultation fees must be paid in advance of the consultation and responses to additional questions. I reserve the right to deny nutritional consultations to anyone. This is due to the fact that I have encountered many “trolls” only attempting to harvest information from me, then plagiarizing it publicly or privately as their own information.

I do not like rules and regulations, unfortunately with increased demands on my time this is necessary so that our sanctuary and business flows easily and efficiently ensuring ALL of our customers are served correctly, equally and remain happy customers.

Thank you for understanding and accepting our policies.

Happy foraging!